Highlighting data values helps your audience focus on what is important. In this article, I explain how to show mark labels for specific months in your line chart.

Mark labels offer additional information to your audience. They convey the exact value so the audience does not need to estimate it…

Choosing your aggregation is the first step in the creation of your visualization. To make this easier, Tableau offers several shortcut aggregations.

Let’s take a look at each of them.

When you drag a measure to the View, you don’t get to see all of the data points in your…

Tableau offers several ways to aggregate data. For standard deviation and variance, there are two options: Aggregation based on population and aggregation based on a sample. What is the difference? And which one should you use?

In a rush? Scroll down to the bottom for the short version.

Within quantitative…

Renaming your data field in Tableau is a simple but essential action in the organization of your data. Below are four ways to rename a data field.

Short of time? Scroll to the bottom for the short version.

Data fields are the building blocks of your visualization. They are created…

Shanti Kanhai

I write beginner-level Tableau tutorials.

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